Welcome to the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation will be hosting the 2015 Annual Meeting at The Hotel Mead in Wisconsin Rapids on Friday, April 10th and Saturday, April 11th. Click here for the 2015 Wisconsin Wildlife Federation Annual Meeting Registration Form.

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is made up of hunters, anglers, trappers and others that are actively engaged in the outdoors. We deeply appreciate Wisconsin's wildlife and recognize the importance of protecting fish and wildlife habitat. We understand that the long-term sustainability of fish and wildlife populations depends upon clean water, clean air and healthy forests and grasslands. The Federation is dedicated to the future of hunting, fishing, trapping and the shooting sports. We carry out these goals through conservation education and the advancement of sound policies on a state and federal level.

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation was formed by sportsmen and women in 1949. Historically we have been a strong leader in conservation through our work with sports clubs, citizen volunteers and policy makers. Together, we work to assure that Wisconsin's outdoor heritage will be available for our children and grandchildren.

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